Paul Verboom,

has more than 25 years of experience in the health outcomes and research field in academia and industry. This experience has given him in depth theoretical knowledge and a pragmatic, hands-on approach to deliver concrete results. 

He started his career at an accountancy firm in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Subsequently he worked for 10 years at the institute for Medical Technology Assessment (iMTA) at the Erasmus University Hospital in the same city. He executed research and taught courses on health economics, information technology and the Dutch health financing system. Research was done for governments, pharmaceutical companies and various hospitals. He performed cost-effectiveness analyses, cost of illness studies among other and developed numerous models in various software programs, Excel, TreeAge Data, Access and @RISK.  Several of these studies resulted in articles published in peer reviewed international journals.

He then worked for nearly 2 years at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland. His work consisted mainly of researching health systems in developing countries and developing templates for health systems financing. He is used to working in international teams and has country experience in various African countries. He currently works as a free-lance consultant. He has worked on various projects in about 20 developing countries. He is based close to Geneva in France, where he likes to hike and bike in the mountains.

A full resume can be found here.

Tim Hendriks,

has experience in designing and leading projects,

developing quantitative models (in R),

doing research (cost price research, efficiency research, market research)

I am interested in ensuring that better (rational) choices are made. That the consequences of those choices are considered, but more importantly, that choices are evaluated afterward. So that lessons can be learned from previously made choices. Why did something work and something else did not?

I have experience in:
Data Science (machine learning, regression analysis, bayesian analysis, GIS analysis)
Project management SCRUM / Agile
Mendix developer / process developer
Funding issues in healthcare
Impact / benchmark analyses
Big Healthcare Data (analyses in R)Business
case development Business
dynamics / computer simulation
Cost accounting / Management accounting

Linkedin : (22) “tim hendriks” | Search | LinkedIn

Website : TH72